By request of everyone who was so lovely and came to my previous livestream teaching a few basic stitches, I did a second one!

My little post to instagram reminding people of the class livestream!

I suffered from my first technical error on the livestream. While doing my chainstitch, my final stitch of the class, my needle just didn’t cooperate with me. It got caught in the tight cotton linen I was stitching in, and wouldn’t pull through to form a loop! Panic ensues. I tried to carry on the livestream, and recommended Embroidered Stories and YouTube to those who needed more guidance.

All the stitches covered in this weeks lesson in the embroidery hoop. I used an old cotton bedsheet to stitch into this week. 


Here are a few screenshots of myself during the live. I am still working on uploading videos of the livestreams to YouTube; am now just waiting on my Google account being verified. You’ll be able to click here once it’s up to watch it!


When something goes wrong, I cope through humor. Here is my thank you to everyone who tuned in!


My lovely friend Layla stitched alongside me and sent me the photos of her gorgeous embroidery.

The green colors she chose are absolutely stunning, and stitching on to sheer fabric is such a cool idea! Thank you to her for letting me share these lovely images. You can check her work out here!


I thought I would also compile a list of different resources of things happening throughout this period of time to keep us busy:

Community Stitch Challenge by – free video workshops by a different textiles artist each Monday on different ways of doing hand stitch while in lockdown

Stitch12Stitches – Alice Kettle’s current project where if you stitch your life in isolation into white fabric in a circular fashion, she will incorporate it into her stitched quilt

White Sheet Stories – project ran by incredible beautiful friend Monika. Art created about female artists on womanhood. I think we will be doing a collaborative class soon, so follow my instagram to keep up to date on when that will be! 

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