During the presentation Lindy did on the day Grace and I volunteered with the handling of archival pieces, I took some notes as well as did some quick sketches!

A look at my notes and drawings. Relatively loose and messy, as you may expect when drawing as fast as possible when slides change during a presentation. Keeps you on your toes!

Having these small sketches and doing nothing with them seemed like such a waste. So I decided to sew them into some off-cuts of brown cotton linen, in the style of backstitch to represent the drawing element of the sketches. Quite literally, trying to draw with thread.




Initially I struggled a bit when stitching this piece. An issue I have throughout creating art is that sometimes the work I produce feels “too ugly” to market to industry or to even enjoy. I kind of wanted to give up at bits of this, but the idea of an unfinished piece would naw away at my core so I kept going with it.




I think sticking to a color palette with more fall toned rusts and oranges really helped. The different shades of blue to contrast these shades added a pop of color to this piece. While stitching this, I began to think about how the sounds of the needle going through the fabric was very relaxing. This prompted me to try my hand at making a short ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response-which is a calming relaxing feeling often followed by a tingling sensation) video.

As someone who suffers from fairly crippling anxiety at times, I actually cannot go to sleep at night without watching an ASMR video to relax me. A popular style of ASMR for creators who are just starting out or don’t have access to the proper microphone equipment yet is creating a more lo-fi style ASMR, which is simply filmed on your own phone using the headphones mic as your microphone.

An example of a lo-fi ASMR video by a creator I really enjoy, Gracev.

ASMR has definitely helped my mental health by calming me down, and so has embroidery. So here is my attempt at combining the two. It’s my first proper attempt at lo-fi ASMR, but I hope it is relaxing to anyone who chooses to watch it!

Enjoy! You can read the original post on what is was like to volunteer for Touching Stitches here.

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