During the weird and surreal time, there has become a lack of structure and daily routine in people’s lives. I’ve really been missing being able to attend my university classes, and chat with those on campus. (As basically everyone is missing for that matter!) So I decided using the embroidery skills I have learned this semester, and through my past years exploring it as a technique to teach anyone interested at home a way to pass there time!

I put out a post on my Instagram advertising the idea. My plan was to use the ‘Live’ feature on Instagram to show people a few basic stitches they could learn.


Deciding which stitches I would use as teaching examples would be the tricky part. In the end I decided running stitch (it’s basic and a great starter), seed stitch, couching, split stitch (a step up from running stitch) and French knots if there was time! I didn’t want the livestream to feel as if it was dragging on, so I set myself a goal of it being up to 30 minutes long.


Labeled diagram of the stitches I decided on using for my first class. 

I decided to use a rainbow colour palette in order for each individual stitch to stand out. Felt is probably my favorite material to practice in embroidery on-it’s stiff making it easy to stay taught in the embroidery hoop but very easy to sew into.

While creating my sample ‘diagram’ piece I recorded a video of me sewing each stitch in order to incorporate into a trailer video to advertise my livestream!

It took me a real hot minute to thread my needle. Note for next time: pre thread your first needle because you will probably be feeling shy at first!

Screenshot images of me showing how to do the running stitch on live.

After the running stitch, we moved onto some seed stitching:

They’re basically little baby running stitches scattered about in different directions-much like seeds!

Continuing on with some couching:

Then to a stitch I really enjoy-split stitch! A more advanced and textural version of running stitch.

I wasn’t sure if there would be time to do French knots, but everyone was so kind and wanted to see them so I attempted a wee tutorial:

These screenshots really don’t do the French knots justice-I am working on posting the livestream to a YouTube channel which will be linked here once it’s up!

For now to those of you interested in learning these stitches or more, the Embroidered Stories website has a variety of stitch families to learn, and videos alongside to help!

Feeling very grateful for all the support I received with the livestream-everyone was so kind!

And here are some of the beautiful stitch work done by some of my lovely friends from the livestream!

Stitches done by Emily! 

I really love her use of different thicknesses of threads on the couching-it looks very cool!

And some gorgeous French knots done by my friend Monika for her grandpa’s birthday card!

Thank you to both of them for sharing their stitches, they’re amazing!

To anyone who wants to come to my next one, it will be Sunday at 1 P.M. UK time. (On my Instagram!)



  1. Hats off to you Chloe, what a great initiative, well done. Could you pop in some interesting links to others running taster sessions on instagram at the momen? There are pepole doing all sorts of different activities too just to keep the lines of communication up. Are there other student led community connnection actitities for U of E students you could mention here?

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