Me and Grace decided to volunteer to help out at Touching Stitches handling session where we would be overseeing archival pieces as people looked at them, and tell them a bit more information on them!

The event started out with a talk by Lindy-here are some sneaky pics I took of the presentation! (And if you’d like to watch the presentation for yourself, click here!)

Then it was time to get to work:

A big shout out to Grace for photographing me in process of showing embroidery enthusiasts this lovely smock. It was really fun being able to chat with women who were just as passionate and intrigued by embroidery as I am.

Some of the samples-the colors are just so beautiful and bright in these! The bottom right sample is a close up on the embroidery at the top of the image, so one can get a clearer idea of what stitches were used. The stitches are done on top of a digital photograph.

Lovely Grace! We were even given little magnifying glasses to get a closer look at the work.

Another piece with a stunning colour palette. As someone who very much loves green, this will be a great colour palette reference photograph.

Looking at the effect on padding with stitches.

3D printed magic! Lindy even used a 3D print of one of the main pieces from the touching stitches exhibition to make an imprint for icing on cookies, so that when the blind people came to their viewing of the exhibition, they could eat a treat with a design they could feel!

Above are different bits and bobs that caught my eye. I loved dolls growing up, so the pages on doll clothes and embroidered dolls really stood out to me.

And here a bonus image for all of you, this one woman had a stunning bird design on her necklace! I found it quite inspiring, and was lucky enough to get a photograph!



  1. Very well reported, thanks Chloe. There is a link to the repeat talk of this event on media hopper…you could pop it in?
    I do agree with Eli about your heavy purple for the image filter on the introductions to your posts. Whilst I do appreciate you want a strong colour as backgrounds I wonder if you would consider using different colours and/or tones to differentitate the posts?

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