In times like these, instead of hanging out in person, the gals and I hung out virtually! We had a wee Facebook Messenger Video Call to catch up and do work together:

Layla (Top Left), Me (Top Right), Grace (Bottom Left), Hope (Bottom Right)

In preparation for tomorrow tutorials, Grace and I had a look at each others blogs for some peer-reviewing! Grace was a fan of my Instagram Link I had displayed on my blog, so I attempted to give her an online tutorial of how to get it on her own blog.

Layla and Hope carrying on with their work, while G and I try and wrap her heads around the world of blogging!

COVID-19 may take away our face to face contact, but it hasn’t taken away my love for my friends.

We <3 Messenger filters.

Thank you to them for being in this blog post! You can check out Grace’s own stitch blog here.


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