Due to COVID-19, everything has been turned upside down. So now instead of waking up on a Monday morning and making my way down to the textiles studio for 9 A.M., I am instead in my bed preparing for a virtual class at 10 A.M.

Really hot, really sexy, quality pic of me which I sent to Grace showing my set-up for the video call. My wet hair makes the pic.

This was just an occasion too strange, and exciting not to share, so I took to my Insta story to announce to my ~fans~ I was attending class, alive and well.

Thankfully, I didn’t experience any technical issues during our online class. (Thursday Textiles 2B was another story, however.) I sat with a cuppa in hand, video camera and microphone on, listening to Lindy indulge us on what was happening in regards to the situation and course.

Unfortunately, Grace was having some technical issues so once our class was over we called so I could try and catch her up on what she missed.

Chats with G <3 


Overall, online stitch class was a positive experience. It was fun seeing everyone in different surrounding (a true peek into people’s home life) and was very informative.

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