Brain Storm:

• Breaking of narrative is the name of the project- I am finding pieces of broken narrative, a fragment of something that was once complete, something that I will never know the history of- I will never know where it has come from, who made it or even what it was but by putting pieces together I am able to create my own narrative around it. Physically I can make something new by putting fragments together and figuratively I put pieces together in my head to make sense of what is in front of me.

• Making my own jewellery from sea glass during lockdown to give away as presents- just as the Chinese porcelain was given to me as a present and as a fragment of something that was once whole, I do the same with sea glass- in a way it represents a part of me.

• The idea of an anonymous present?

• By making it into something new I am giving it  a new life

• Appearance v reality

Watch Adam Curtis – Can’t get you out of my head