I recorded myself on one night and the next morning I tried to write down everything I could remember about my dreams. This is what I wrote:

My Dream:

Sunrise on a pebbly beach. Golden sunshine glinting on the surface of the waves gently crashing onto the shore. Faint remembrance of someone else’s presence- could have been a dog, a companion or a stranger next to me. Gold colour seemed to intensify. Walking as if  floating along the shoreline, I passed a few strangers who did not seem to see me despite our proximity. I look down to see that I am in fact walking on what looks like thousands of shells and I can hear their satisfying crunch underfoot- they sounded like eggshells or very fragile glass being stepped on (could this be coming from my bangles moving in sleep?). The sun warms my face as I gaze into the blue sky to see birds swooping and driving to the surface of the water. A giant seagull swoops towards me and lands on my shoulder. I try to shake it off but it does not budge. Suddenly the sky darkens as if a cloak has been thrown over the sun and a crash of thunder rings out accross the horizon. My heartbeat increases and I begin to run. I wake up to find I have thrown my duvet to the floor.


Being left with the recording of my sleep wasn’t as  interesting as I had hoped as I did not sleeptalk or sleepwalk. However, after writing down my dream about the beach I noticed that some of the sounds I made in my sleep were similar to what one might hear beside the sea. I recorded some sounds from beside the sea and mixed them with my sleep recording. The recording above, my final piece, is this mix. To me, it represents a walk through sleep and a walk along the beach. It represents the sleep cycle and the subconscious noises that come from dreaming. In some ways it is the closest I can come to accurately recounting a dream that I have had.

It is a sleepwalk soundscape along the beach of my dreams.



My final idea for this project may seem slightly disjointed but it makes perfect sense to me. It is a soundscape of sleep mixed with a walk through my dreams and an aural example of what that might sound like. Sleep and dreams are fascinating to me as they operate in a subconscious or semi-conscious state. During the day we are so conscious and self-aware that over thinking can really alter our perception of things as well as perhaps causing us to adapt what we say or how we recount certain stories to particular people. My aim was to give a raw reflection of what I dreamt and how I slept that night. All memory is altered to some extent but I have tried to be as truthful as possible. I would like to do some of my own artwork reflecting the sounds and my dreams before next week.

I thought this oscillogram of the night looked like a kind of nightime wave graph or even a stormy sky.