Queer Domesticity


This work is a form of documentation: The idea of ‘family’ and ‘domesticity’ seen throughout a pandemic and a queer lens.

I want this series of images to see past the heteronormative idea of family, a nuclear family that is biologically related. Queer kinship explored through photography.

Domesticity could be considered an ideology. Where domestic tasks solidify gender roles I want them to be subverted. This is changing with every generation and I want to highlight and celebrate that.



Ethereal Landscapes

For this particular work, I aimed for my photographs to have painterly and drawn qualities to do with the undulating and overlapping lines. They have an ambiguity to them. The illusion of land, sky, fabric, and flesh transforms light and banal subjects into something poetic.

The superimposition of stillness (sleep) with motion (travel) has something to do with the substance of dreams.