*But then u float above it*

“Its not an apology if u put urself at the centre of it”

But then u float above it
To a place where it all falls away to nothingness
Where it all becomes meaningless
I’d rather exist here than be stuck inside the knots in my head
Hierarchy and structures seem ridiculous and archaic, laughable in their so called worthiness
Float me high above it bent into a different stream of time, becoming nature, becoming slow, becoming something outside of what lies within
Outside our desires so that I may feel this peace once more
I feel pain full and without release
These needs that hold me back won’t need me like the clay I abound from, was birthed from
Help me settle lift my struggle
At ease I will seize my life and the meaning of a day, a breath for each sounding bird is all I wish to know
Grow at once with the trees, released of all oxygen, absolved from all rings
Spiralled and fantasised
I lay awake still buried in dreams of you
I am perpetual
In perpetual pain
I only wish to breathe again
Laid awake in fear again of losing what I never had

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