Day at the Museum

Used for catholic rituals lighting incense, inspired idea to introduce smell as part of my sensory jewellery collection
Chimed hair pin slid into hair design, sounds and chimes when Geisha enters a room
Montsuef’s Crown Wreath of twelve gold-foil leaves attached to a ring of copper, found on the mummified man Montsuef: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, excavated by A.H. Rhind, Early Roman Period, c. 9 BC
Horagai, a triton shell with a perforated spire and a metal mouthpiece, with silken shoulder cord and tassels attached, used by Buddhist mountain ascetics (yamabushi): Japan
Votive Ear, Ancient Egyptian ‘listening ear’. Gave small objects decorated with ears as offerings to the Gods, hoping their prayers would be heard-for an illness to be cured, for a child to be born. Most people were not allowed inside the temple, since kings and priests had direct access to the gods. Instead small chapels dedicated to the listening ear were built behind temples, near to the shrines where the gods’ statues lived.

Jade mountain carving
Jade mountain carving. This carving depicts Shoulao, god of longevity and a servant, approaching a cave. In Chinese legend, caves gave access to the realm of immportals

Catfish Pendant
Ancient Egyptian
Assosciated with the fertility goddess Hathor, in life catfish pendants may have protected young women who wanted children, whereas after death they might have reflected a hope to be reborn.
Mummified Woman. Wrapped, anointed and adorned. The amulets on her body were intended to help her reach the afterlife.

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