Study Plan

Main Focus 

*Sound making and performing 

Sub focus’

*Jewellery Making




Insights and Inspiration

  • I want to push my skills in sound making, harnessing my practice in music production and singing
  • Expand my practice by involving more site specific work and using spaces to install the sound piece in, so far I’ve only performed them live as ephemeral events
  • Want to focus on the spaces I use around the phenomenon of Echo involving spaces such as the sculpture court as well as outdoor site specific works which interact with Echo. Places such as the Pentlands and caves alongside shorelines interested me over the summer. 
  • I imagine my sound practice as the portion which takes up the biggest space (macro) and that my sub focus will involve physical practices focusing on the micro.
  • So far jewellery making, drawing, embroidery and calligraphy have been a part of my practice (I would say that the jewellery making is most important here). 
  • I hope to focus on my involvement with metals and hope to experiment in the metal workshop and try silversmithing. The pieces I have used to perform in and act as a kind of symbolic armour, a femme version of what we consider this to be. 
  • Aesthetically my ideas draw heavily on Celtic techniques which stems from my interest in Celtic history living so close to Holy island. 


  • I have been planning my weeks by using my diary and dedicating set hours to making. I use this idea of my own ecosystem which is a drawing I use to understand the way I make and how my different practices feed into each other. In my flat we are having weekly Friday Crits to show what we have been making, this will help me to finish work and get feedback for how to expand and push myself. 
  • I want to record my making through pictures of physical work, mp3 files of sound works, voice notes and field recordings (my sound sketchbook), a physical sketchbook which I write in and sketch designs down for the jewellery and other physical works. 
  • I want to be involved in using live streaming and video making as a platform for recording performances, which I hope to make in the flat and in site specific places. 


  • I will present my work through various forms of photography, film and audio recordings. I feel I can present my outcomes especially in live performance and film photography to a high level. I would like to work on my approach to filming pieces if this is a possible outcome for my work, like a pre recorded live performance which can explore new ways of interacting with the camera, creating more varied shots and overall creating a more artful piece. 
  • I’m also interested in trying to present the work as an installed sound exhibition where my physical pieces can exist and be examined, perhaps filming/photographing this and putting this online to reach more audiences.

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