What will you learn about yourself in undertaking this course of enquiery?
What are the personal skills you have that you can use in this work?
Are there other skills that you need to develop?
how will you achieve what you had hoped in this year? Can you achieve more?
What can you do to extend your knowledge and push yourself?


This year I would like to expand and develop what I have been working on over the summer. During the summer and over lockdown, I wrote more poetry to extend my 3rd movement of “This is My Voice”. I also made a video installation for OOSOOM 2020 exhibition, featuring a film of myself in a unicorn mask reciting poetry on a telephone.


I want to carry on making work from my poetry:

  • Soundscapes
  • Livestream Performances
  • Video Collages
  • Digital illustration
  • Zines


Things to work towards:

  • OOSOOM Exhibition – start point – already made
  • Trans Pride Performance – put poetry about being trans together, record sounds, record video
  • More livestream performances – use sound board


How will you plan your activity? 

  • Through collecting things (sound, video, objects)
  • Create mindmaps
  • Write a ‘to do’ list each day
  • Do a little bit of work each day

How can your recorded your creative thinking?

  • Through photographic documentation and voice recordings.
  • Vlogs on my YouTube channel and blog

How will you evidenced your outcomes?

  • Through the blog and on my website

Your reflection
How well can you communicate your ideas and processes?

  • By writing the blog, so far, I have found that it helps me to articulate what I am thinking about whilst I work.
  • Making little video clips and collecting clips has helped me communicate my ideas.

How well can you present your outcomes? 

  • As I work with video and performance, I mostly present my work on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. These platforms help my work to reach a wider audience.
  • I also have a website where I present my work: voicesxbyjamie.com


What are the skills you needed to complete this body of work effectively?

  • I need to learn how to use my graphics tablet to help me create my illustrations for my ‘motifs’
  • I am already pretty good at using film and sound editing software