This week I began looking more in-depth at details and began deciding which areas within my space I want to focus on ready for review 7. I have decided to focus on the raised floor and ramp on the ground floor as well as the ground floor vaulting construction which I have highlighted below.



I focused on the construction of the raised floor because as a brewery it involves a lot of pipes and machinery. I however want to maintain an open floor plan and the best solution for this is to put everything under the floor. A raised assess floor therefore provides the best solution. The ramp is meant for ease of use and ease of accessibility to the space.

The main detail focus of the ramp however is the ramp shoe which I drew up at scale 1:5. Unfortunately upon completion I realised that this, although important, wasn’t the best detail and as such I intend to start focusing on the construction of the void for the floor above as this is a much more impressive design element and is more integral to the structure and design of my scheme.




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