As I have settled on the idea of creating a brewery with interactive experience space, in my first week back I began looking more in depth as possible avenues of conceptual, material, and architectural inspiration that could help develop my design scheme. I also began looking more in depth at the branding of my space as this may also inform the design and material choices I make later on.

As is evident from these pictures I am currently working with the brand name “AGORA”. As a greek word meaning a gathering place I thought it apt as a name for my brewery concept. Because of this initial Greek influence I also began looking at the connection between Edinburgh and Greece, with Edinburgh, because of its history, the enlightenment, the neoclassical architecture and monuments on canton hill being referred to as the ‘Athens of the North’. Because of this, and the name AGORA I have begun looking at possible ways of using Classical Greek architecture and design in influencing my design scheme.

Finally, the logo design concept I have created works graphically. Its simple shape is memorable and could possibly be used within my design scheme for circulation, bars or any number of other things. Unfortunately the quality of images isn’t of high resolution so copies are also available in my sketch book.

This week we also began looking more at zoning and the development of our design scheme floor plans. As is evident, I have decided to use the logo design for my brewery space as a void to aid in possible circulation and divide the space into smaller area for different uses.

Finally, for 4C we began looking at, discussing, and formatting the necessary information required in a CV, Cover letter and personal statement. This will be fine tuned and tweaked over the coming weeks before we begin making them look more unique, individual, and graphic in presentation and style.





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