Just a list of things I have been looking at or reading:


Women on the edge of time  – Fiction based book about the character Connie Ramos who has unjustly incarcerated in a mental institution but she has a power to see the future, imagination at its best, through the idea of utopian worlds.

Carlo Rovelli – The order of time


Isolation and Light: 1970s Land Art in the American Southwest

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix series that explores the concept of being able to astral project


Been drawing pencil drawings of unusual shapes or forms, as if they were children’s telephones, like tin can to string. Also considering different shapes such as seaweed forms, cones and bee hive formations.


https://diaart.org/visit/visit-our-locations-sites/nancy-holt-sun-tunnels – Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels

https://www.ancient.eu/Maeshowe/ – Maeshowe, Orkney

https://www.crawickmultiverse.co.uk/ – Land art, thinking about isolation and light

15 Incredible Works Of Land Art


Thinking about connectors / receptors, language, communication. But also considering time experiences, moments and nostalgia.

Also considering the mythology of containing a moment or material through touch, sound or smell. Kind of like a super power, see where things have been, creating a narrative.

How riding on public transport is like time travel and if you dressed as a mountain could you raise the summit?


‘The Awe’ – Concept of living beyond oneself, the in-between arriving and setting off, mystical experience.