Some various things that I have been reading, looking at and just generally enjoying:

Artists / Articles / Communities:

Dylan is a photographer, I really connected with the series he did about ‘The North Moor’, it was like a documentation of a journey, the grainy photographs remind me of memories and events. Somewhat poetic.

Ben Jean Shoughton, an artist who explores magic, nature, and philosophical story making through video collage.

The Living, Mycelium Brick, 2014:

Article written by Amy Frearson, 4th September 2017, Architects looking into the use of mushroom mycelium as a building material: 

Hereford Fungi Group, they forage together and document species of fungi in the area:

Pilobolus Rebellious Dance Company: Testing limits and pushing boundaries of the power and connectedness of human bodies. working with various other influencers, thinkers and creators. I was draw to this because it showed the brutality of movement, the connection and trust for flow.


I  AM THAT – Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – Tales of timeless teachings from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, the contemplation of action, reaction and  response. Thinking about how we perceive, communicate and connect. Why do we classify in binaries? How does the body aid us? What energies are encapsulated through action.

The Secret Life of Fungi, Discoveries from a Hidden World – Aliya Whiteley – A great conversation about language used for describing fungi or mushrooms, how they lie between animals and plants due to their properties, making me think more about projection and how they spread through decay and growth.

ON CONNECTION – Kae Tempest – A series of stories and poems that entrap current communications and theories. The use of gratitude and freedom are talked about. I really connected with the concept of forgiveness for the self. The meaning of how you do that currently when connections with the world are limited or put through a barrier such as the internet.


‘sentient’ – able to experience feelings

‘cryptomycota’ – hidden fungi