Audiences’ Pivot

What is your COVID-pivot?

By ‘Pivot’, we mean a shift or change you deployed or have noticed during the pandemic period 2020 – March 2021. For example, it can be:

(1) A shift in practice to cope with the pandemic. Merely trying to get by may also be considered a pivot.
(2) Adopting a new care ethics to accept and take better care of yourself (e.g. changes in living habits, behavioral habits etc). Perhaps you now feel more confused and unassured than before, trying to scope a future for yourself.
(3) A change around you in your environment, surroundings or something else that you have discovered without yet noticing…

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关于 “转变”,我们指的是你在2020年-2021年3月疫情期间所产生或发现的变化。

它可以是 :




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The 5W1H method might help you talk about your story. This method is a way of thinking and creating, which entails thinking about the selected subject, from six aspects: object (What), place (Where), time (When), person (Who), reason (Why), and method (How). What’s your ‘pivot’? Who engaged with it? Where does it happen? When did you realise it? Why and How did it change?