Vipassana Meditation

Lulu 陆晨

During the pandemic, Lulu created two sets of photographs. 2020 is her hope to preserve this special memory through images to keep everyone from forgetting it and, if possible, to pass on the memory and with the images to those who will come after. At Home was created because, during the pandemic, time spent alone became more frequent and all the senses heightened, details not normally noticed were magnified and recorded




At Home 在家


Lulu: Independent Photographer



The names would be abbreviated as “Christy” (Christy YANG) and “Lulu” (Lu CHEN).


Christy: How did you organise your work and life during the pandemic? How was it different from before the pandemic?

Lulu: My work and life were basically integrated, but during the pandemic, I was more regular and disciplined than before.




Christy: What changes have you experienced or noticed? What do you think was the turning point for you during the pandemic?

Lulu: The change in my life leading to the search for new work possibilities, the first two changes have made me feel that the present moment is more important than any other moment. I spent more time alone, had more limited space to move around and started to focus more on reading and thinking.




Christy: When did you start this series of photography?

Lulu: After spending a few weeks at home, I realized that there was more and more information around me, complex and diverse, and needed an outlet for expression.




Christy: What inspired you to start this sets of work?

Lulu: I took two sets of photographs. One is about the state of the city: 2020, and the other is about the state of isolation at home: At Home.

2020 uses images to preserve memory. Images are permanent so that people don’t forget it all. And, if possible, to pass the memory on to the future, along with the images.

At Home was created because the time spent alone at home let me become more sensitive and the details that are not normally noticed are magnified.


陆晨:我拍了两组照片。一组是关于城市状况: “2020”,一组是关于居家隔离状态:“在家”。




Christy: What does this series of work mean to you?

Lulu: It means that I can remind myself to be a person with a memory imprint. To remind me to think independently and to remain rational and human.




Christy: Has the pandemic had any impact on your work/work schedule?

Lulu: My workload has decreased and has only recently recovered.




Christy: How do you feel about photography now compared to your first encounter with it, or to before the pandemic? How has it changed?

Lulu: I think it has changed from just recording and outputting to a more conscious output. I can observe, feel and experience more deeply before outputting, and I value the number of times I press the shutter more.




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