Who are the Modern Physics quiz whizzes?

For the second year running, the Modern Physics course held a mid-semester pub quiz. Kind of like a normal pub quiz, but for physics geeks. With rounds on physics, astrophysics, science film quotes, Nobel prizes, a picture quiz, and general knowledge (admittedly, mainly general knowledge related to physics…).

Questions ranged from “What is the Banana Equivalent Unit a measurement of?” to “How many cups of tea do we drink each year in the UK?”, which had a clue in that answers would be accepted to the nearest 5 billion!

Well done to the 10 competing teams, and congratulations to runners up ‘Buckfast’s at Tiffany’s’ and the winning team ‘Drawing a Planck’.

Now, let’s check out your knowledge… What country is located just north of Lake Turkana, at a point bordering Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan?  No one at the quiz got this right.  Do you know the answer?