#ThisIsFutureLearning It's an energising start to the Futurelearn 2022 partner forum. Looking forward to hearing about FutureLearn's ideas on Microcredentials😊. #uoe_online @UoE_LTW https://t.co/Eqk2rM0d1k

Jul 14, 2022

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Why use video in #OnlineLearning materials? ▶️ Our instructional designer Andrés Ordorica writes about how video can help: - spark interest in your subject ✨ - increase engagement 📈 - encourage active learning 🧠 - highlight key concepts 📚 Read more: https://t.co/6BXS3ZF7aK https://t.co/fAMsfAWq1t

Jul 12, 2022

@jon8jack When you spin around to bust a joke with @jon8jack and he's not there😞 https://t.co/Gujzv312lm

Jul 12, 2022