Contemporary Art + Anthropology //// Course Structure

The course is split into three components, Parts A, B and C.

The components overlap to some degree as they are designed to be mutually constitutive.

Part A: Seminars & Blended Learning


The seminars take place – on-campus – in Weeks 1,2,3,4, 8 and 10.

This component of the course introduces you artistic and anthropological research methods.

It consists of a series of seminars that you are required to prepare for and participate in.

The seminars are augmented by blended online learning resources.

Your preparatory work for the seminars forms the basis of critical discussion (critiques or ‘Crits’) on artistic and anthropological research methods.


A Collaborative Inquiry Approach

The way you will learn to work in Part A will establish a model of Collaborative Inquiry (Heron and Reason, 1997) that will be further developed in Part B of the course.

A 2hr seminar might – typically – have the following structure:

50-60mins with tutor present (e.g. working with the whole cohort or rotating between x3 breakout groups)

30mins without tutor (a break)

50-60mins with tutor present (e.g. bring breakout groups back together to see what they did).

Part B: Atelier Workshops

These workshops run in Weeks 5 and 6 only.

As an alternative way of working, you will take part in two short workshops organised by the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences’ Atelier research network (blogs.ed.ac.uk/atelier)

Atelier is a method for enabling researchers to pool and share our educational resources with wider audiences.See: What is Atelier? In order to learn and test out this method, the workshops will engage you ‘materials’ that forms a common purpose for a Collaborative Inquiry. The common materials will generate a focus around which you can join forces to generate hybrid artistic/anthropological methods for conduct research.

The materials in play each year are – in part – suggested by the Atelier network members and, in part, by students on the course. You will be asked early in the course to propose material(s) for Collaborative Inquiry – what is likely to work best is most likely to be selected for the workshops.

These two sessions have a metacognitive function: taking part in the workshops will give you some insight into how to design an ‘inventive method’ of your own. It will also – should you be interested in to doing so – give you some ideas of how you personally might devise, propose and run your own ant-art research workshops.

Part C: Tutorials

This part of the course supports you to create a working proposal your own research project – something that you will submit for summative assessment at the end of this course.

You will have three tutorials to support you with this.

Tutorials are in Weeks 7, 9, 11. You are assigned a tutor who will contact you to arrange the time to meet for these sessions.

A ‘tutorial’ is straightforwardly a 1:1 meeting with your Proposal supervisor on MS Teams

Each tutorial is scheduled to last 20mins.

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