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Contemporary Art + Anthropology

Course Handbook 2022

Welcome to the course!!!

Q. Where is the course handbook?

A. This IS the course handbook.

The rationale and context of each of the Deadlines, Assignments & Assessment Details is supported by this course handbook – all resources are either here or link from here.

Here you will find flipped learning resources in advance of the Seminars which can be viewed online and supporting materials which scaffold your role as a supportive peer.

All course communications via: MS Teams ‘Contemporary Art + Anthropology’ Channel (link)

We will NOT be using email in this course.


MS Teams is part of a free suite of software that you get from Microsoft as a University of Edinburgh student (MS Office 365).

Teams is quite simple to use. If you have any issues with it, there are lots of videos and online forums that will resolve your problem.

then watch this short video.


If staff need to communicate with you individually, rather than in a group, they will use MS Teams chat. You will receive emails only when the subject matter is too lengthy to place in MS Teams chat or when comms are sent to you directly from the ECA SAAS.

Please remember to try not to communicate with staff via email; please use MS Chat in Teams.

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About this Course (link)

Course Structure (link)

Timetable: What’s happening each Monday? (link)

Feedback, Peer Support and Assessment (link)

Learning and Research Resources (link)