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I’m a PhD student in Geography, at the University of Edinburgh. I’m interested in understanding how various actors influence the processes and outcomes of environmental management. My current project looks at the role of intermediary in the environmental screening process in Indonesia. Read more about my project in English or in Indonesian.

I’m particularly interested on tropical deforestation and the power dynamics in land-use decision making. I aim to seek effective and affordable ways to reduce conservation-development conflicts and improve forest management.

Before starting the PhD, I worked as a sort-of intermediary in between of government, NGO and private sectors for over 5 years in Malaysia. The experience of working with different stakeholders has largely shaped my perspective on environmental management. I believe that equal opportunities to political and social resources is the key to achieving just and sustainable development. 

I worked as a journalist, then a strategy manager of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). I helped set up and operate CSR for companies, design marketing strategies for NGOs, connect companies and NGOs to state funds, and organise public engagement events.

This is a space to record my new journey in academia. Stay tuned!