Itu Ninu is is an experimental sci-fi drama.
In a distant future two migrant workers, Sofia and Ángel, communicate through letters in order to avoid a regime of control. 

This project consists of making a sustainable film, based on data regarding the carbon footprint of different activities. For example, we are filming exclusively with natural or available light, we are sourcing all props and wardrobe from charity shops and we are either walking or travelling with public transport. We are filming on a Digital Bolex with vintage lenses. The production aims to be paperless and to limit travel to absolute essentials. The production is calculating its carbon footprint through the ALBERT carbon footprint calculator tools.

The dialogues in the film will primarily be in Mixtec, an Indigenous language from Mexico. Itu Ninu in Mixtec means The (corn) fields that are high up in the mountains. In the context of this film, where the characters live in an urban space where nature is hardly present, it also has a more metaphorical meaning of fields that are distant and far away. At the same time it refers to an ideal place the characters want to reach.

We have just started filming and this post includes some ungraded stills.
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