Research project & Experimental short film 

(13 minutes/ Mixtec spoken / UK & Mexico 2020) 

My previous work explored time from a social perspective. Through migration and globalization contemporary Indigenous subjects navigate between different perceptions and organizations of time. The feature film In Times of Rain examined how time is experienced by Indigenous characters living between rural communities and urban centers and the effects of this migration on cultural continuity. 

The short film Time and the Seashell explores time in relation to storytelling, identity and the environment. Building on Tim Ingold’s ideas on lines, this project investigates how different lines such as threads and traces are present both in the process of filmmaking as within film itself and how this is related to time and landscape. 

The narrative of the film revolves around an adult man who recalls the landscape he knew as a boy. The adult man and the young boy are visually connected through a seashell found in childhood. The man remembers a landscape and biodiversity that is now vanishing and considers human relations to landscape and nature.

The film was made using sustainable materials, shooting with a second hand digital bolex with vintage c-mount lenses, on existing locations with available light, and without additional props or costumes. The film was made with minimal cast and crew to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Festival Screenings