@wataruu Well echo questions were a major part of the syntax part earlier in the semester

Nov 20, 2020

Itamar Kastner retweeted:

Are you an early career researcher (ECR) in psych/cogsci/neuro? In partnership w/ @SocietySpark we’re exploring how to make peer review more supportive for underrepresented ECRs. Help us out by telling us about your experiences here: https://t.co/2CDpfirr04 Please RT!

Nov 18, 2020

@maikombecker is "Space Karen" the new "shitgibbon"? https://t.co/aXyO76EsS6

Nov 16, 2020

@anghyflawn I just submitted a ticket about that this morning. Because sometimes you just want to pick a fight (although they started it).

Nov 10, 2020