What is it?

Learn is the name given to the centrally supported Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at the University of Edinburgh.

The School of Informatics currently uses various sites to host course content. There is value in considering the benefits of migrating course content from these sites to a dedicated Learn presence. Where Learn doesn’t currently offer a similar level of functionality, there may be opportunities to develop these, in collaboration with Information Services.

For those of you who are not familiar with Learn, but would like to learn more, you can find everything you need to know on the Information Services support pages. I have also written some slimmed down instructions for those areas which most frequently prompt a support call. I include them below. If you would like me to write some instructions for an area not covered below, please get in touch.

How to Access Learn


Announcements and Notifications

Managing Content On Your Course

Reporting and Analytics

Managing Groups in Learn

Learn Grade Centre

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