Updates to Learn and info about Learn Ultra

The Informatics Teaching Hour on 15th August 2022 focused on Learn Ultra (both the recent update and the changes coming over the next year) and other learning technologies. If you missed this event, you can catch up on the recording here: Learn Ultra and other teaching tool updates

As a reminder to those returning after a lengthy summer break, Learn, the University’s virtual learning environment, was updated over the summer. The ILTS Team sent a few emails about these changes at the time, but you can find a brief summary and some useful links provided by central IS below.

Whilst courses remain the same, the update brings a new and simplified layout that is both mobile friendly and more accessible, along with updated tools such as the Profile, Activity Stream, Courses, Calendar, and Marks area. A refined navigation menu will allow staff and students to not only quickly access courses, but also to engage with key information across all courses in one place.  

Staff drop-in sessions are available to provide an overview of the updated platform, followed by a short Q&A. If you would like to attend a drop-in session, please sign up to ensure you secure a place.  

A series of videos is available which introduces users to the improved tools and features.    

This update is the first phase of upgrading Learn to Learn Ultra, ahead of the full roll out across the University in 2023.   

More information about Learn Ultra can be found on the project SharePoint, the Learn Ultra webpages, or you can contact the project team at LearnFoundations@ed.ac.uk. 


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