Allowing Guest Access to certain areas of Learn courses

Allowing guests to access the Learn page:

You can control whether or not users who aren’t enrolled in your Learn course can view the course’s Learn page by allowing guests. Guests are users in a course who do not directly participate in its activities. Guests could include guest lecturers and potential students. To allow guests:

  1. Go to the course Learn Page. On the side bar, under Course Management, click Customisation.
  2. Under the Customisation list, click Guest and Observer Access.
  3. On the ‘Guest and Observer Access’ page, click ‘Yes’ beside ‘Allow Guests’ to permit guests not enrolled in the course to see the Learn page.

Managing which content areas guests can access in the course:

Now that guests are able to view the Learn course, you can manage which specific content areas guests can access and which content areas are inaccessible to guests. By default, ‘Content Areas’ (such as Welcome and Course Materials) allow guests to view these sections, while ‘Tool Links’ (such as Announcements) are inaccessible to guests. To enable/disable guest access to certain content areas, follow these steps:

4. On the side bar, open the item’s menu by clicking the downward arrow next to the content item and make a selection to permit or deny guests.

5. After you change access to an item, you can reverse this choice in the same menu by clicking the arrow again and select the alternate access option.


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