You can access marked exam submissions in the Grade Centre via Full Grade Centre.

Navigate to the exam component column (eg Part A) – you may need to horizontally scroll – and select the drop down arrow next to the column header…

and select Mark Attempts.

This will take you to a random submission. You can navigate between submissions using the left and right arrows (see below). As you navigate from student to student, usernames are replaced with “Anonymous Student.” If you wish to navigate between questions and users, select the ‘Jump to…’ button.

Take a note of the Attempt ID and Exam number (which should be written on the submitted paper itself) which you are moderating.

Check the overall score (in the Attempt field) and open the Rubric (if it has been used) to see how the score has been calculated. If the ‘Feedback to Learner’ field has been used to note individual question marks, check these have been added correctly. Make any adjustments you deem necessary and note these in the ‘Add Notes’ field. This is not visible to the student. Once complete, select the ‘Submit’ button.

Navigate to another submission and repeat. Again, note the Attempt ID and exam number of any paper you are moderating so you can share this with the ITO.