Happy World Tourism Day! While it's important to support local tourism during this difficult time, it's more important to follow the SOPs and prevent the spread of Covid-19. Advice and guidance here: https://t.co/3D05BRUN7f Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash Win Sim, EPM MSc https://t.co/gKh5ZrFKOZ

Sep 27, 2020

Wondering about the next step after graduating?🎓The new academic year has just begun leaving some a step closer to entering the job world🧑‍💻 Do you have questions on how to begin your job search? Our social media rep Emma shares her experience in her new blog post💭 Link in… https://t.co/z62ooFACRy

Sep 25, 2020

What should I bring? Have I forgotten anything essential? What do I need to do during the welcome week? If you are asking these questions, here's a blog to help you prepare for starting university: https://t.co/iaRdGjd3s3 Win Sim, EPM MSc https://t.co/wCEL2HAf43

Sep 10, 2020

Ready for the Welcome Week and excited to begin your academic journey? Here's a blog about several useful smartphone apps that you should have while in Edinburgh: https://t.co/4C7W2MtTGr Give them a try! Win Sim, EPM MSc https://t.co/pJ9HKZSQC0

Sep 1, 2020