Life list, bucket list, it doesn’t matter so much what you call it, more that it motivates you.

How many times have you said, “Oh I’d love to try…” or “I’d love to visit…” or “I wish I could learn…”? Well a life list is a nudge in the direction of achieving these things.

A life list or some people say bucket list) or wish list is simply a list of all the things you’d like to achieve, and writing them down in a list is a way to gather these thoughts and encourage you to begin making things happen rather than just wishing your life away.

I wrote my life list just before my 30th birthday when I suddenly realised that I hadn’t done any of the things I had assumed I would have done, before turning thirty (at 29, 30 seems like some sort of huge mile stone).

So now I am beginning to achieve and experience these things and I’m still adding more to my list. My list is really varied, all different experiences in their own right and all for different reasons and sometimes, one experience leads to another. For example; through studying Gaelic, I then learned about a Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye, instantly I thought, I want to go there and spend time in a Gaelic speaking environment to help my confidence and ability at the spoken word.

The list

Big Ones

Go to a TED conference  
Get a university degree X
Run 10k X
Cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh X
Be placed in a beer competition X
Win a gold in a beer competition X

Travel based goals

Visit New England  
Spend the holidays in a snowy country  
Renew my passport X
Order a meal in another language in the relevant country  

Education Based Goals

Learn another language X
Go to Sabhal Mor Ostaig X
Learn to drive X
Learn to make cool silver jewelry  
Learn to cook Thai Green Curry (from scratch) X
Learn to make pesto (from scratch) X
Learn to make bread X
Learn to snowboard X

Do the World’s Coolest Activities

Snowboard on a mountain  
Go microlighting X
Go paintballing X
Bunjee Jump  
Snorkel/scuba and see tropical fish  

Events I wanna go to

Beltain (The Fire festival) X
New York Pride  

People I wanna Meet

Meet Steven Fry X
Meet Bill Gates  
Meet Tom Kuhlmann X

Just To Make Life Interesting

Grow my own veggies X
BBQ on the beach  
Skinny dip  
Learn to shoot a hand gun