I am very happy to say the crisis is over. Although lets be honest, the shape of the world right now means I have no right to use the word crisis when I talk about something as trivial as not writing a blog post. Sheesh! Perspective, right? Let’s instead refer to this as a momentary lack of fun! Which has been fixed!

But hey ho, all I mean is that the fact that I am now putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) means I am once again enjoying the experience of sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world at large through this blog. Let me catch you up. If you are just joining us…. I had writers’ block, well let’s be more correct about this, I thought I had writers’ block. I thought there was a huge drama happening because I couldn’t think of anything to write about. But some very sensible and useful advice from other bloggers yesterday reminded me that actually, I don’t have to write at all.

The advice went something like this…

write if you have something to say

Sometimes things are only obvious when they slap you upside the head 🙂

See, this all came about cause I had a seriously fun morning yesterday chatting with James Lamb, Lorna Campbell and Karen Howie about blogging and the how’s and why of our blogging lives. A fantastic morning where the pastries were actually the least exciting part (oh but that was a lovely almond croissant).

I don’t want to give too much away and ruin things just yet, so I’ll eave it there with only this. Keep an eye on the teaching matters podcasts for some fun with blogging and I’ll chat more when it’s live. If I have something to say about it, of course.