This morning we had a live session to welcome undergraduate @econedinburgh students to the #healthecon module that we are running this semester. Here's the topics they are most looking forward to covering in the course #healtheconomics #teaching

Jan 11, 2021

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Top Influencers of #LSHTMHESG: @UK_HESG @LSHTM_CHIL @MattXSutton @soerenrk @RachelMeacock @ElizabethLemm More 📊

Jan 9, 2021

Alistair's (@bullen_ali) paper exploring agency in healthcare using a DCE in a metastatic breast cancer setting is about to be discussed by Emily Holmes (@EAFHolmes) in session 4. We warmly welcome all of those who will be attending #LSHTMHESG

Jan 8, 2021