Seminar Series

As a group, we run a monthly academic seminar series. Traditionally, these seminars were mostly used as a space for our team members and PhD students to present and get feedback on their ongoing work. Over time though, as our team has grown, we have broadened the reach of our academic meetings to invite external speakers, either from within the university or outwith, to come and present their work. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been running the seminar series virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Highlights from past seminars

August 2020

  • Speaker: Dr Alistair Irvine
  • Institution: Health and Social Care Analysis Division, Scottish Government
  • Title of talk: Does bias in personalised Decision Aids lead to lower use by doctors: a lab experiment
  • Slides: Available here.

July 2020

  • Speaker: Roz Pollock
  • Institution: Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, University of Edinburgh
  • Title of talk: Introduction to Data Linkage
  • Slides: Available here.

June 2020

  • Speaker: Madalina Radu
  • Institution: Division of Economics, University of Stirling
  • Title of talk: Adjunct questions: a hook for consideration process in choice based experiments?

February 2020

  • Speaker: Elizabeth Lemmon
  • Institution: Edinburgh Health Economics, University of Edinburgh
  • Title of talk: Essays on the provision of long term care to older adults in Scotland
  • Slides: Available here.