Current Project News

Access to the first batch of the CORECT-R Scotland data was granted in June 2020. Since then, our team have been working in the National Safe Haven to clean the data, define a colorectal cancer cohort and prepare the data for the first stages of analysis. At present we are carrying out the following:

  1. Describe the data including the permissions and access processes involved. This piece of work aims to highlight the potential for the Scottish data to be added to the UK CORECT-R.
  2. With a view to eventually describing costs, we will firstly provide an overall description of both treatment pathways and outcomes for the colorectal cancer cohort from 2006-2018, using the National Cancer Registry data (SMR06) and  general/acute inpatient and day case hospital admissions data (SMR01).
  3. Using the same data sets, we will explore regional variation in treatment and outcomes in the adjuvant chemotherapy setting. This work will also involve identifying whether or not area level deprivation has an impact on treatment and/or outcomes. 
  4. A further analysis will be undertaken using the SMR06 data, combined with Chemocare and QPI datasets, to look more closely at chemotherapy prescribing practice across Scotland. 
  5. We are also conducting a rapid review of the health economic literature to identify the key parameters used in health economic models of colorectal cancer and where the Scottish CORECT-R data might serve as an up to date source for those parameters.