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The past few months have seen wave after wave of new programmes and technology become commonplace. Video calls replaced face-to-face meetings and a huge range of apps appeared for us to choose from. Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams are everywhere; if you’re not using them daily, you’re seeing adverts for them all over the place.

Using new programmes can be daunting but the Digital Skills team have created Microsoft Teams training sessions which run once a week. Teams is available to everyone at the University through Office 365 and offers an easy way to stay in touch with other members of the University while we all work at home. The online course covers all the basics including:

  • Accessing the app;
  • Joining and creating Teams and managing roles;
  • Organising Team content using Channels;
  • Instigating, replying to and reacting to Conversations and private Chats;
  • Scheduling and managing online meetings; and
  • Customising settings to manage your notifications.

Since the course began in April, there have been 14 sessions and around 325 attendees. Currently they are running once a week. You can book into a session through the events page.

You can find more information about Teams on the IS website.