@MonamiDG I think the best person to answer that would be him in this context.


@MonamiDG I see where you are coming from but I am not sure if it helps him much. His problem is not with with changing his work identity, but the livelihood he has lost. A feature that allows him to change his UPI ID won't erase that pain.


His eyes clouded up a little. I didn't know what to say that would make sense in this post-pandemic world. So many peoples lives & livelihood destroyed. The pain that remains hidden in Government statistics, shows up unexpectedly in everyday conversations.


The auto rickshaw driver didn't have change. I punched in his phone number to pay him through UPI, it showed up as Vijay Fruit Shop. Is this correct, it says fruit shop? Yes, I used to own a fruit shop before the lockdown, then I lost everything, so now I drive this auto.